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Supporting the wellness, health, and happiness of Pleasanton, CA, Amenta Delivery offers the ease of cannabis delivery. Shop an incredible selection of artisan recreational and medicinal cannabis, explore new opportunities and find the ideal strains to suit your preferences, exceed expectations, and improve daily life. From rare finds to the most popular indicas, sativas and hybrids, we open the floodgates to a whole new experience.

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Pleasanton, CA Cannabis Delivery Services

There’s no waiting in traffic or lines when you shop from home. There’s no rush, fight for a parking place, or closed sign in the window. Our website allows 24/7 browsing, which couldn’t be easier to navigate, and customizes the path to finding your favorites. Narrow your search by brand, potency, consumption method, weight, and more. Take a look at our very own, indoor-grown, carefully cultivated strains, including SESH, King SESH, Queen SESH, and SESH Exotics.

Amenta Delivery Offers Top-Quality Cannabis Products

Choose from a lengthy menu of fun and tasty edibles, portable carts, discreet tinctures, perfect beauty products, non-psychoactive CBD, and the impressive trichomes of our mature flower. The hardest part is deciding. Filling your cart is easy. Once you reach the requirements for delivery, the streamlined checkout process accommodates payment by cash, credit card, Hypur, Venmo, or Zelle. You won’t wait long, and the professionals from Amenta Delivery will be at your door!

Order Online855-955-3872

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