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Building community across the Bay Area, Amenta Delivery remains committed to social equity and superior quality of life. Browse our extensive menu of recreational and medicinal cannabis from the comfort of your home. Ordering and receiving couldn’t be easier. We eliminate the need to compromise your wellness and offer a selection of carefully cultivated California artisan and connoisseur cannabis strains.

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Cannabis Delivery in Oakland, CA

Perfect for the novice as well as the experienced enthusiast, Amenta Delivery showcases the most sought-after brands and our own innovative indoor-grown flower options, including SESH Exotics, King SESH, Queen SESH, and SESH. Whether you’re ready to de-stress, relax, get energized, looking for inspiration, relief from chronic pain, or a fun evening with friends, we fit your occasion, preferences, and requirements.

Order Cannabis from Amenta Delivery in Oakland

Adults over 21, whether a local or visitor to Oakland CA, are welcome to take advantage of quick and convenient delivery from Amenta Delivery. Shop online and sort by brands, strains, consumption methods, weights, deals, discounts, or potency. Choose from beauty products, CBD, vibrant flower, affordable pre-rolls, carts, tinctures, an amazing array of edibles and so much more. Add enough to your cart to reach the delivery threshold and we’ll be there straight away.

Order Online855-955-3872

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