High Holidays: 6 Cannabis Strains We’re Most Thankful For

2020 has been a year to remember, but it’s not over yet. In a normal year—one that wasn’t consumed by, say, a global pandemic—we’d be looking forward to the holidays right around now, stomachs rumbling at the thought of our favorite foods and hearts swelling as we contemplated seeing loved ones again. But with COVID-19 still in full effect, it’s safe to say that this holiday probably won’t go according to plan. Fortunately, we’ve got a plan: The staff at Amenta have been working tirelessly to source some very special cannabis strains for you to try this holiday season. Will they take the place of your family gathering around the Thanksgiving table or the Christmas tree? No. Will they put a grin on your face as they help melt away stress, anxiety, and strain? You’ll just have to try a couple and find out for yourself!

Amenta Medicinal’s Favorite Cannabis Strains for the Holidays

Scorpino Sherbert by Sesh Exotics

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Source: I Heart Jane

If like so many of us you fell in love with Girl Scout Cookies (aka GSC), we bet you’ll fall in love with its heir. Scorpino Sherbert is descended from that famously delicious sweet-and-minty cannabis strain, but it picks up qualities of its other parent, the powerful indica Pink Panties. What you end up with is an almost honey-sweet nose mixed with ripe fruit and a hint of skunky citrus on top. How does it feel? You’ll get a strong hit of full-body relaxation, mixed with a surprising blast of cerebral stimulation and energy. Pain and stress go down the drain as you float up to the clouds on this most special of cannabis strains.

Willie Nelson by Panacea

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Source: Weedmaps

If you think cannabis strains should deliver a big hit of happy giggles, this sativa-leaning hybrid may be your new favorite weed! Start with the captivating flavors: Lemongrass, pine, and funky earth all compete for center stage, while the strong cerebral stimulation will juice your creativity. Some fans describe a characteristic abstract thought pattern with Willie, making this a great cannabis strain for those seeking artistic inspiration. But hey, if you want to just kick it and giggle and laugh friends or loved ones, Willie’s there for you too.

Egg Roll by 1Lyfe

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Source: I Heart Jane

This heavy hitter will definitely roll you if you’re not careful! With a THC level just topping 28%, it’s a cannabis strain designed to leave your whole body buzzing, relaxed, and pain-free. Earthy, herbal, and gassy on the nose, Egg Roll tends to come on in waves: First a rush of head effects that will leave you euphoric and just blissful as can be. Then a wave of powerful body effects, calming and classically “stoney.” Finally, out come the giggles: After a short while, you will probably be unable to control your laughter. And if you’re looking for powerful medicinal effects, you just have to give Egg Roll a roll: Say goodbye to chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and pain!

White Runtz by North Country Pharm

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Source: Weedmaps

Split right down the middle between indica and sativa, this powerful hybrid is known for its special deliciousness. Sweet, sour, fruity, and candylike, White Runtz is one of those cannabis strains you just want to taste over and over again. But be warned: With a THC content in the 23% – 24% range, treat this candy with respect! Its fans describe a tingliness centered on the spine and neck, quickly spreading throughout your body. If it’s symptoms you want to control—chronic pain, muscle spasms, cramps or anxiety—this flavorful flower’s got you covered. And hey, if you just want to kick it, you probably should give this strain a try.

Animal Mintz by Sesh Exotics

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Source: I Heart Jane

Who doesn’t love cookies for the holidays? With a lineage reaching back to the famous Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) as well as Animal Cookies, this indica-leaning hybrid delivers an unforgettable sugary flavor kisses with a touch of mint. The compact buds are a delight to behold, too: Almost neon green with a frosting of trichomes that resemble tiny icicles. Once you partake, you’ll feel a rush of happy holiday cheer wash over you, most likely followed by a wave of sleepy, smiley relaxation. Great for insomnia or just a chill night on the couch!

Avidekel Pure Crystal CBD Vape Cartridge by Tikun Olam

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Source: Weedmaps

Let’s round off our list with a curveball! Do you love the intense flavors and aromatics of top-shelf vapes (but want to tame your symptoms and keep a clear head)? Tikun Olam is one of the world’s leading medicinal cannabis companies, and their Avidekel cannabis strain has been lauded the world over for its powerful anti-inflammatory, pain-killing, and other medicinal effects. These vape carts preserve all the delicate cannabinoids and terpenes of this indica-dominant strain, making for a truly flavorful, pleasurable—and effective—draw.

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