Autumn Eats: The Best Edibles for Fall

Fall is in full swing, and with it, the wonder of fall flavors. While nothing hits the spot quite like a good Thanksgiving dinner, the right edible consumed before or after digging into your dish can produce the conditions for an experience that lingers in the memory long after you’ve finished eating. To help you get started with delectable edible concoctions, we’ve hand-picked a host of the best edibles for fall that will serve as the perfect complement to any homemade meal.

Best Edibles to Pair with Your Fall Meals

Coda Signature Chocolate Maple and Pecan

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Source: I Heart Jane

While chocolate on its own is delicious, Coda’s confections pair together a unique set of ingredients that promise an especially satisfying experience. Their “signature” maple and pecan chocolate bars are rich with THC and ideal for dividing into squares to share with other, similarly inclined cannabis enthusiasts.

As a quality manufacturer of some of the best edibles on the market, Coda understands that one of the key components of a successful edible is its ability to mask the overpowering cannabis taste that often permeates infused items. When taking a bite of a Coda bar, however, the sensation of cannabis takes a definitive back seat to the blend of flavors that immediately dance to the fore. Coda products may vary in THC content, but these maple and pecan bars possess 100mg THC each, meaning they pack quite a punch.

Wally Drops THC Raspberry

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Source: Weedmaps

One sought-after quality in edible products is their ability to be consumed with discretion, away from the prying eyes of others. Wally Drops manufactures an excellent answer to the desire for subtle cannabis use, with a line of bite-sized “drops” that excel in going undetected by others in everyday situations.

With every pack of Wally Drops containing 100mg THC, just one individual drop is capable of imparting a long-lasting high for the average consumer. As with all edible products, dosing slowly and with patience is highly recommended to avoid an unpleasant or uncomfortable cannabis encounter. After taking one Wally Drop, wait for its effects to settle in before proceeding on to a further dosage.

Kanha Gummies Cran Pomegranate

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Source: I Heart Jane

Cranberry and pomegranate are two of the stand-out flavors of fall, which makes Kanha’s “Cran Pomegranate” gummy offerings a sweet seasonal choice for anyone in the market for edibles. Kanha emphasizes quality at every stage in their edible manufacturing process, a factor that shines through in the flavor and potency of their products.

Only 5mg THC is present in each gummy, and Kanha edibles have a reputation for fast-acting effects. About a dozen minutes after you eat your first cran pomegranate snack, a deep sense of relaxation begins to flow throughout the body, delivering a positive and upbeat mood that lasts for hours and has the potential to contribute to an extended period of sleep.

Viv & Oak Shimmering Scarlett

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Source: I Heart Jane

The best edibles can come in many forms, and Viv & Oak seeks to bring something truly new to the cannabis market with THC-infused drinks that possess the charm of fine wine without the alcoholic content. Viv & Oak’s Shimmering Scarlett beverages in particular are well-matched with a robust Thanksgiving meal and can impress guests at cannabis-themed gatherings that call for the infusion of at least one item on the table.

Distinct from other edible products, bottles of Viv & Oak Shimmering Scarlett possess a small quantity of THC alongside a wealth of CBD. Cannabidiol, known as CBD for short, is another compound present within cannabis that is known for its power to promote tranquility and eliminate the discomfort associated with numerous physical and mental ailments.

Kiva Petra Mints

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Source: The Cannifornian

After dinner, sitting back with a mint is a time-honored tradition. Kiva’s Petra Mints aim to make the typical use of breath mints a lively endeavor through the addition of potent cannabis. The packs as a whole have a content of 100mg THC, which will stand out as remarkably potent at first glance, but each mint itself is only laden with 2.5mg THC, perfect for convenient dosing.

The flavor of Kiva’s mints stands out alongside their powerful effects, as the sensation of green tea and the subtle presence of vanilla instantly distinguishes the product from similar edibles on the market. Every batch is crafted with hybrid cannabis, lending the qualities of both sativa and indica strains to the Kiva edible experience.

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